Binance Retiring Deposit Addresses: Is Your Wallet in Danger?

• Binance is retiring its old deposit addresses as part of an infrastructure upgrade to optimize security and services.
• Funds deposited in old addresses will not be lost, but users must manually credit them using the ‘one-click arrival’ option on the Binance app.
• It’s important to update records of previous addresses and always perform due diligence when managing your crypto wallet.

Binance Retiring Deposit Addresses

Binance is upgrading its wallet infrastructure to improve its security and services, which includes retiring deposit addresses for many major chains such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano, Dogecoin, Algorand and more.

Why Are Binance’s Wallets in Danger?

Given the recent scrutiny that Binance has faced from legal battles with the SEC and ceasing operations in some parts of the world, users have been unnerved by official emails from Binance announcing the retirement of their deposit addresses. However, funds deposited into these expired addresses will not be lost – only users must manually credit them using the ‘one-click arrival’ option on the Binance app.

How To Get New Addresses

In order to acquire new deposit addresses following this update, users can click a link provided in an official email from Binance or log on to their accounts directly. Old addressses will no longer function after acquiring new ones; additionally any further deposits made to those old addressses will not be automatically credited anymore.

Tips For Managing Your Crypto Wallet

It’s important for users to update records of their previous addreses before they expire because Biannce can close the ‘click to credit’ function at any time; plus it’s always good practice to follow certain tips when managing your crypto wallet: keep your seed phrase private; do your own research; double-check links; check for suspicious activity; use strong passwords; store backup copies of wallets securely; enable two-factor authentication where possible.


Biannce’s move towards retiring deposit addreses is part of a larger effort towards bettering its security features and services for customers across multiple major chains including Bitcoin, Ripple and others – while funds deposited into expired addressses are safe and will not be lost altogether if credited properly by users themselves via ‚one-click arrival‘. Ultimately though it’s important that users take extra caution when handling their crypto wallets given all the risks involved with online transactions today!