Bitboy Ignores $1B Court Order: I Will Not Be Showing Up

• Bitboy, a crypto influencer, was named in a $1 billion lawsuit against FTX promoters.
• The United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida ordered Bitboy to appear with his attorney on April 20 due to evidence of harassment against plaintiff lawyers.
• Despite this, Bitboy has stated that he will not be showing up to court on Thursday.

Bitboy Named in $1 Billion Lawsuit

The crypto influencer Ben „Bitboy“ Armstrong was recently named in a $1 billion lawsuit against allegedly sponsored FTX promoters. Plaintiff lawyers have accused him of harassment and served him with a court order to appear with his attorney on April 20th.

Harassment Claims

Evidence of harassment against plaintiff lawyers has been presented leading to the court summons being issued by the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. This has been compounded by Bitboy’s social media campaign where he verbally abused the lawyers heading up the lawsuit and allegedly made threats over email and voicemail.

Bitboy Refuses To Appear In Court

Despite this, Bitboy has taken to Twitter to make it clear that he will not be appearing in court to address the claims made against him. He described it as an “inconvenience” and declared that he would not show up for his hearing on Thursday. His decision has been met with criticism from members of the crypto community who suggest that he risks being charged with contempt if he ignores the court order.

Consequences Of Ignoring The Order

It remains unclear what consequences will arise from ignoring this court order but some members of Crypto Twitter have warned that doing so could potentially lead to jail time or other repercussions such as fines or further legal action based on contempt charges. Australian commercial lawyer Bill Morgan suggested that while ignoring a court order is unwise, it is still possible for Bitboy as long as luck is on his side.


Ultimately, only time will tell whether or not Bitboy’s decision pays off or lands him in hot water but one thing is certain: there are serious implications when it comes to ignoring a court order and this incident serves as an important reminder about the importance of respecting legal proceedings even when faced with difficult decisions.