Bitget Strengthens KYC Requirements: What You Need to Know

• Bitget has joined the growing list of exchanges to advance stricter KYC requirements.
• New rules will prevent unverified users from performing several critical operations on the platform.
• Customers must complete a level 1 KYC verification process before September 1 or face account restrictions.

Bitget Sets Stricter KYC Requirements

Bitget has joined the ranks of other exchanges who are introducing stricter Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations in response to worries about money laundering and fraud risks posed by cryptocurrencies. The new requirements will come into effect on September 1 and those who do not comply may have their account restricted.

What is Required?

To comply with the new regulations, customers must complete Bitget’s Level 1 KYC verification process which requires them to provide their name, nationality, date of birth, valid government-issued ID, and undergo a facial identification process. This Level 1 KYC verification process is compulsory for all new users starting September 1; existing customers have until October 1 to complete the verification process before their accounts become restricted.

Why is this Important?

The introduction of these stricter KYC regulations aims to better protect customers’ rights and interests while creating a secure trading environment that meets global regulatory standards. Complying with these rules may help prevent potential instances of money laundering and fraud associated with cryptocurrency transactions.

What Does It Mean for You?

Depending on when you signed up for Bitget, you may need to take action soon if you haven’t done so already: those who signed up before September 1 have until October 1 before their accounts are restricted; after that date they can only conduct transactions with verified assets or withdraw existing funds from their accounts but cannot deposit or trade crypto assets without completing the Level 1 KYC verification process first. For new users, it’s important to note that access to full services on Bitget including deposits and trading is contingent upon completion of this KYC verification process starting September1st.


In conclusion, Bitget’s update to its KYC requirements has implications for both new and existing customers who must meet certain conditions in order to maintain unrestricted access to its full range of services including deposits and trading of crypto assets. It’s important for users understand what these steps are in order avoid any possible account restrictions in future