Melania Trump Launches July 4th NFT Collection, $150k Donated to Fostering Future

• Melania Trump launches a July 4th commemorative NFT collection, stored on Solana (SOL) blockchain.
• This collection is capped at 3,000 NFTs and $150,000 of the proceeds will go to a foster care system fund.
• The news had a positive impact on Solana’s price, pushing it up 16% to its two-week high.

Melania Trump Launches July 4th NFT Collection

Former First Lady Melania Trump has launched a new non-fungible token (NFT) collection in honour of Independence Day. This digital collection spans 7 designs and is stored on the popular Solana (SOL) blockchain. All cards feature an iconic image from U.S landmarks with the back featuring gold or silver United States flags and the edition title derived from the U.S Constitution. The initial sale offers any card for $50 USD through crypto wallets or debit cards.

Fostering The Future Initiative

In an interview for FOX News, Melania Trump revealed that this NFT collection would also serve as an aid to the foster care system by donating $150,000 towards Fostering The Future initiative which focuses on building opportunities for children in the technology sector such as coding courses and apprenticeships.

Donald Trump’s Collection Also Successful

This follows in the footsteps of her husband Donald Trump’s Digital Trading Cards NFT collection which has made $26 million since December 2022 when it was released.

Impact On SOL Price

The news had a positive impact on Solana’s price pushing it up 16% to its two-week high of $18 .63 at press time according to CoinGecko .


Both Melania and Donald Trumps‘ collections have been successful in terms of raising funds as well as increasing awareness about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investments among different generations of investors across America.