XRPL Hooks: Powering Developer Creativity and Aiming to Dethrone Ethereum

• XRP Ledger developer Wietse Wind discussed the gap between XRPL and Ethereum ecosystems.
• Wind emphasized on the significance of Hooks for developers to unleash their ideas and creativity.
• XRP Community Embraces Sidechains, with Neil Hartner highlighting the strength of the XRPL ecosystem in avoiding smart contract bugs and subsequent thefts.

XRP Ledger Developer Touts Hooks as Key to Dethrone Ethereum

XRP developer Wietse Wind recently took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the perceived disparity between the XRP Ledger (XRPL) and Ethereum or EVM ecosystems regarding introducing innovative features and concepts. He acknowledged the remarkable talent and creativity possessed by XRPL developers, yet shed light on the obstacles they encountered when implementing core XRPL code. To tackle this issue, he emphasized the significance of Hooks V3 testnet which has already been incorporated into this technology.

Hooks: A Catalyst for Developer Creativity

Hooks will catalyze developers, giving them a blank canvas to unleash their ideas and creativity. This groundbreaking technology enables developers to imbue their own logic into accounts on XRPL protocol chains. According to Wind, Hooks is already available on the Hooks V3 testnet, with plans to release it soon after a thorough security audit is completed.

XRP Community Embraces Sidechains

Wind clarified that the side chain would incorporate a representation of XRP, dismissing any notion of issuing a separate token as redundant. He stressed the importance of ensuring genuine utility for any additional tokens that may be introduced. Other XRPL developers also joined the conversation, with Neil Hartner highlightingthe strength ofthe XRPL ecosystem in avoiding smart contract bugs and subsequent thefts that have plagued Ethereum-based ecosystems.

Advantages of Using Hooks

The advantages of using hooks are numerous; it eliminates having to change entire blockchain protocols while allowing developers to come up with new features quickly without risking major losses due to errors within their code or blockchain network issues. Furthermore, it reduces transaction fees substantially compared with other protocols such as Ethereum or EVM systems since only specific operations need payment insteadof every time someone uses an application built upon themetwork like ERC20 tokens do . Additionally ,hooks can be usedto quickly implement changes or deploy upgradeson live networks without interrupting users’ experienceor stopping operations completely .


In conclusion , hooks provides a crucial edge over competing protocols such asEthereumby offering an easierand more secure wayfor developing decentralized applicationswith fewer resourcesrequired than traditional methods . Withthe successfultest net launchofV3 ,it appears thatXRPcan potentiallydethroneEthereumas oneoftheleadingdecentralizedledgersinitsfield .